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Tar-A-Way Services

  • Layout, civil works and/or construction of runways, parking areas, etc.
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  • Bitumen surfacing that includes premix, asphalting and tarring of areas such as pavements, residential driveways, etc.
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  • Rehabilitation and upgrading of deteriorated areas (patching of tar areas)
  • Rejuvenate old grey tar (Slurry seal)
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  • Private roads – industrial and residential
  • Industrial: All styles of brick paving.
  • Civil pipe laying, laying of kerbs and water channels.
  • Construction and/or adjusting of traffic junctions, road islands, speed humps, manholes, beltobies, etc.
  • Sandblasting: Cleaning of graffiti, paving areas, etc.
  • Project Management
  • Rubble Removal
  • Plant Hire
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Smaller Areas / Residential

Although we have a fixed rate for small areas, we consider no area too small. We have a team that concentrates on those somewhat smaller areas e.g. small driveways, repairing of potholes,etc.